Dave Hodge


David Ryan Hodge

Born: 1979 (London, Ont.)
Died: September 27, 2013 (Ottawa)


Dave Hodge served until shortly before his death as executive director of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association. His role in promoting the fledgling sport included lobbying on behalf of association members. In January, Pacific Skydivers in a Vancouver suburb called on Hodge for support as they faced increased land usage fees for a drop zone in swampy land near Pitt Meadow Regional Airport.

Hodge, who was born in London, Ont., played rugby and football at Central High in his hometown.

He was manager of the Canadian skydiving team at the 2012 World Parachuting Championships in Dubai. The sport includes such disciplines as canopy piloting and formation skydiving, as well as contests in accuracy and speed.

Hodge was 34. In lieu of flowers, the family asked for donations to be made to the sport parachuting association, or to the Canadian Mental Health Association.


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