Bill Grozelle


Bill Grozelle delivers a rock at 1967 Brier.


William Ronald Grozelle

Born: February 8, 1929 (Haileybury, Ont.)
Died: October 4, 2013 (New Liskeard, Ont.)


Bill Grozelle twice skippered teams from the Cobalt-Haileybury Curling Club to the Brier as Northern Ontario champions.

In 1966, he led a team including his brother Bob as well as Ted Butt and George McIlwaine. The team finshed with a 1-9 record in the competition at the Halifax Forum.

The following year, with Butt replaced at third by John Dunn, the team went 3-7 at the Macdonald Brier in Ottawa. They earned the Northern Ontario title with a last-rock, 10-9 victory in a sudden-death game against Bill Tetley of Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay).

Grozelle returned to the Brier in 1977 as the skip in a mixed doubles team including Linda Garnett and Don and Donna Saove. He lost the title when his last rock in the final end of the last game failed to get closer to the button than a buried Manitoba rock.



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