Dunc Stewart

G.A. Duncan Stewart 

Born: March 4, 1924
Died: November 8, 2013

Dunc Stewart was a longtime sports editor at the Vancouver Sun at a time when the newspaper’s stable of columnists and feature writers were the equal of any in the land — Jim Taylor, Jim Kearney, Denny Boyd and Archie McDonald. Stewart, an avuncular figure, also managed a strong supporting crew of beat reporters including Arv Olson (golf), Lee Straight (outdoors), Roy Jukich, Dave Empey, Hal Sigurdson, Greg Douglas and others.

Duncan Stewart“To the wild and crazy staff he babysat in the late 1960s through the ’70s, he was more of a friend and father figure than a boss,” Douglas wrote in the Vancouver Sun.

His tenure as sports editor included the first Grey Cup won by the B.C. Lions (1964) and the debut of the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL (1970). Stewart contributed to the coverage of the historic first NHL game at the Pacific Coliseum, noting so many dignitaries in attendance “there was hardly an unstuffed shirt to be found.” Stewart also compiled a list of historic firsts — first prolonged ovation (Cyclone Taylor, member of Vancouver’s 1915 Stanley Cup team), first booing (Vancouver mayor Tom “Terrific” Campbell), first save (George Gardner of Canucks), and first Canucks goal (defenceman Barry Wilkins).


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