Rowan MacDonald


Rowan MacDonald (left) and Bill MacIntosh lend a hand to skipper Bill Gooderham aboard Trickson VI, a six-metre yacht which represented Canada at the 1952 Olympics. 

John Rowan MacDonald 

Born: 1926
Died: November 28, 2013 (Guelph, Ontario) 


Rowan MacDonald was a champion yachtsman who served as a spare crew member for Canada at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

ImageMacDonald belonged to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club crew which claimed the 1954 North American six-metre championship in 1954 after three days of racing on Lake Ontario. He sailed under skipper N.W. (Bill) Gooderham aboard Buzzy II, the renamed Swedish-built yacht which had represented Canada at the Olympics two years earlier.

The yacht club crew sailed the 400 nautical miles from Stockholm to Helsinki aboard the Trickson VI to compete at the Olympics in the summer of 1952. The Canadian crew finished second in one of the races, with two third place finishes, though they suffered a torn sail in rough seas on the third day of competition. The Canadian crew, with MacDonald as a spare, finished seventh in a competition won by an American boat.


Rowan MacDonald (back row, middle) and crew mates aboard Trickson VI in 1952.

Away from the water, MacDonald worked for many years as an editor and publisher for business publications printed by Southam. He retired in 1991.


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