Boris Petcoff


Boris John Petcoff

Born: January 29, 1935 (Espanola, Ontario)
Died: March 24, 2014 (Espanola, Ontario)


Boris Petcoff played hockey and fastball during his days as a student at the University of Toronto, though he enjoyed his greatest success as a varsity boxer. In a 1958 bout at Hart House on the Toronto campus, Petcoff jabbed his way to victory over Bill briggs of McGill University to claim the 150-pound title in the intercollegiate championships.

Boxing under the tutelage of coach Tony Canzano, Petcoff had been a semifinalist in the weight division in 1957.

Petcoff attended St. Michael’s College in Toronto before gaining his degree at the University of Toronto. He then returned home to Espanola, Ont., where he operated a pharmacy for 50 years.

He had a long tenure on the Espanola public school board, as well as on the local hospital board, and was known as a supporter of the local minor hockey league.  


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