Verle McKeown


The two-time national senior women’s championship curling rink from Victoria, B.C., was skipped by Flora Martin (far left) with Elsie Humphrey (third), Verle McKeown (second) and Edna Messum (lead).

Verle Lorraine (née Campbell) McKeown
Born: August 16, 1925 (Sutherland, Saskatchewan)
Died: March 31, 2014 (Victoria, British Columbia)

Verle McKeown won two consecutive national senior women’s curling championships as second of a Victoria (B.C.) Curling Club rink skipped by Flora Martin.

In 1979, Martin’s rink won eight consecutive games to clinch the title with a 9-6 victory over a rink from Quebec City. The undefeated British Columbians won despite surrendering a four-ender.

“Our girls were curling too well to be worried,” Martin said. “It was my fault we gave up four in the eighth end — my guard was heavy.”

After winning the ’79 title at Vernon, B.C., the Martin rink repeated the following year in a tournament at Fredericton, N.B. The two national championships were the third and fourth for the skip, who had earlier won in 1974 and ’75. Edna Messum also played for all four champion rinks.

The Martin rinks were known for rarely taking a break from competition, even maintaining three weekly games at their home club.

McKeown, who was also a member of the Gorge Vale Golf Course, joined the Martin rinks in being inducted into the Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.




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