Lionel Gundry-White

Frederick Gundry-White (football)

Frederick Lionel Grundy-White
Born: August 9, 1921 (Calgary, Alberta)
Died: July 20, 2014 (Calgary, Alberta)

Lionel Gundry-White was celebrated on his death, aged 92, as the last player from the inaugural Calgary Stampeders football team.

Frederick Gundry-WhiteThe Stampeders began play in September, 1945, a month after the end of the Second World War. The Western Interprovincial Football Union had suspended play during the war. The Stampeders only played three playoff games in their debut campaign, which was conducted without a regular-season schedule.

Gundry-White is not listed in contemporary newspaper accounts as a player in those games, though the Stampeders do include him on their all-time roster. He was recruited to the club by Dean Griffing, the Stampeders’ founding coach and owner, and his name appears in a program for an exhibition game. He wore uniform No. 11.

The 175-pound player played minor football as a halfback for West End Tornadoes. He earlier attended Central Memorial and had been a waterboy for the Calgary Bronks, the Stampeders predecessors in the WIFU.

He served for three years with the Royal Canadian Navy during the war.

Gundry-White began working for the Bank of Montreal in 1938, retiring in 1979.


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