Bobo Sikorski

Bobo Sikorski

Robert Sikorski
Born: June 25, 1927 (Winnipeg)
Died: August 23, 2014


Bobo Sikorski was one of the original members of the inaugural B.C. Lions football team in 1954. The 6-foot-1, 210-pound guard played two seasons with the Leos.

Born in Winnipeg, he also played hockey and baseball. He was a defenceman for the Canadian Ukrainian Athletic Club on 1944-45 and for Kildonan the following season. The Winnipeg Free Press described him as a “peppery Columbus club catcher” in the Greater Winnipeg Baseball League. He hit a grand slam in the opening game of the 1945 season.

Bobo Sikorsky (mug)Sikorski played guard for the Fort Rouge Rods junior football team in 1946. He was also an assistant coach responsible for linemen for the St. Paul Crusaders, who won the Manitoba high school championship that same season.

The family moved to Vancouver in 1947 following the death of Sikorski’s sister. He worked with his father in the family chocolate business, billed as “Sikorski and Son, Makers of Bavarian Mints.” He played football for the junior Vancouver Blue Bombers before gaining a spot as an original B.C. Lion. His Western Interprovincial Football Union career ended in August, 1956, when he was cut by new Lions coach Clem Crowe.

Sikorski later coached the junior varsity football team at the University of British Columbia, a thankless task as the better of his players would be promoted to the varsity squad. In 1964, his Jayvee squad lost a game 87-6 to Olympia Junior College.

After his father retired as a chocolatier, Sikorski became a wine and distillery salesman for Seagrams and Melchers.


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