Waldo Skillings

Waldo Skillings (No. 3) with 1958 junior champion Victoria College men's team

Waldo Skillings wears No. 3 in this portrait of the 1957-58 junior men’s basketball champion Vikings of Victoria College in Victoria, B.C.

Waldo Edward Skillings
Born: August 11, 1930 (Victoria, British Columbia)
Died: October 25, 2014 (Parksville, British Columbia)

Waldo Skillings was a member of the Victoria College Junior Vikings, which won the 1957-58 Canadian junior men’s championship. Under coach Bill Garner, the Vikings defeated the visiting Winnipeg Buffaloes in four games of a best-of-five series to determine the Western Canadian title. Skillings scored 13 points in the deciding, 62-32 game.

Waldo SkillingsThe Vikings then went on to defeat Windsor (Ont.) A.K.O. for the title.

On campus, Skillings served on the executive of the men’s undergraduate society. He was also a member of the Radio Club and the Social Credit Club. His father, Waldo McTavish Skillings, was elected to the provincial Legislature in 1960, serving in the cabinet of Social Credit premier W.A.C. Bennett.

Waldo Edward Skillings graduated in commerce from the University of British Columbia before getting a masters in business administration from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ont. He worked in the federal finance ministry in Ottawa and, later, for Corrections Canada in Abbotsford.

He leaves Inge, his wife of 27 years, two stepsons, and four brothers, among them Roger Skillings, a nationally ranked tennis player who became CEO of Canadian Sport Centre Pacific.


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