Edgar Théorêt

EdGar Theoret portrait.jpg

Edgar Théorêt
Born: November 4, 1936 (Saint-Adolphe, Manitoba)
Died: January 8, 2015 (Montréal)

Panthéon du Sport du Québec (2005)
Temple de la Renommé de la natation québécoise (2009)

For decades, Edgar Théorêt was the face of swimming in Québec. He headed the sport’s administrative body, organized meets, provided analysis for Radio-Canada broadcasts.

He was a founder and longtime volunteer president of the Panthéon du Sport du Québec (Québec Sports Hall of Fame) for which he long and unsuccessfully sought a permanent home.

In 2007, he received the Jacques Beauchamp Award for his contributions to the Quebec sporting scene.

Born in Manitoba, his family soon after moved to Valleyfield, Que. After classical French studies at the Séminaire de Valleyfield, Théorêt graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in physical education. He later earned a masters degree from the University of Illinois. He taught and coached high school in the Catholic system in Montréal for 14 years before becoming technical director and general manager of the Fédération de natation du Québec (Swim Québec) in 1974. He held that position for 20 years until he was fired as a cost-saving measure.

Théorêt soon after resurfaced organizing an umbrella organization for amateur sport in the province in which he was responsible for connecting federations with businesses interested in sponsorship.

He was long ago diagnosed with multiple myeloma.


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