Puddy Reardon

Puddy Reardon (drawing)

Robert Joseph Reardon
Born: March 22, 1929 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Died: January 22, 2015 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Member: St. Mary’s University (N.S.) Athletics & Recreation Hall of Fame (2012)

Puddy Reardon was a mainstay on the Halifax St. Mary’s junior hockey team, which dominated junior hockey in Nova Scotia after the war.

Puddy ReardonIn 1947-48, Reardon played centre on the team’s third line between Lou Mathieu and Jack (Muckle) Hollett. The team captain was defenceman Dugger McNeil. (McNeil died in Halifax four days before Reardon.)

The St. Mary’s juniors, who were affiliated with the St. Mary’s Athletic Club (not the high school, college, or university of the same name), won the Maritime junior championship in 1948 before defeating the senior Halifax Crescents to win the Herald Trophy as city champions, an accomplishment for a team of teenagers.

The ’48 St. Mary’s squad was also the first to advance beyond the first round of Memorial Cup playdowns. They defeated the Inkerman (Ont.) Rockets to win an Easterly quarter-final before being eliminated by the Montreal Nationales and star player Bernie (Boom Boom) Geoffrion in two games at the Montreal Forum.

The 1947-48 St. Mary’s junior team was inducted into the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.

After graduating from St. Mary’s High, Reardon attended St. Mary’s College, where he excelled in curling, baseball, football and hockey. He later gained a commerce degree from St. Mary’s University.

After earning his university degree in 1961, Reardon enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was posted to Summerside, P.E.I., where he promptly won the local club’s championship. In his 15-year military career, Reardon was involved as a player and manager in golf, softball, curling and hockey. He captained the 1965 RCAF football championship team. He left the military with the rank of captain.

Reardon served as chief referee of the football referees association for Atlantic universities for 25 years.

He later became manager at Ashburn Golf Club in Halifax.

His university alma mater inducted him as a builder into the athletics hall of fame in 2012.


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