Jack Cote


John Francis Cote
Died: February 16, 2015 (Guelph, Ontario)

Cadillac Jack Cote, as he was known, played varsity football for the Ontario Veterinary College (now the University of Guelph) in the late 1940s, winning the school’s Wildman Memorial Trophy in 1950 for his athleticism, scholarship and deportment on the field.

Cote later served as assistant coach of the school’s intermediate football team when it won the intercollegiate title in 1955.

A longtime supporter of the Gryphons, Cote chaired the Wildman Trophy selection committee for many years. He was inducted into the university’s athletic hall of fame as a builder in 1986.

Cote graduated as a veterinarian from Guelph in 1951, following in his father’s footsteps. Cote taught veterinary medicine at the college from 1953 until 1986. He died at Guelph General Hospital, aged 85.


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