Troy Ritchie

Troy Ritchie

Troy Daniel Ritchie
Born: November 14, 1963
Died: February 15, 2015 (Edmonton, Alberta)

Troy Ritchie was a motorcyclist leading the endurance Numb Bum 24-Hour Ice Race when his machine flipped and cartwheeled over top of him. It is thought his leg was raked by a tire into which metal screws had been placed for traction on the ice.

Ritchie suffered a severe laceration and died after being sent by air ambulance to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. He was 51.

The race, held on frozen Sandy Lake west of the Alexander First Nation reserve in northern Alberta, was cancelled for the first time in its 26-year history.

About 20 riders — on quads, motorcycles and side-by-side utility vehicles — were on the 18-kilometre course at the time of the accident on Feb. 15. Ritchie’s crash occurred in a turn known as the Big Snail about a kilometre from the pit area. Other riders happened upon him almost immediately. “I’m hurt bad, I need an ambulance,” Ritchie told one of the riders, according to the St. Albert Gazette.

Ritchie, a resident of Lacombe, was a veteran ice racer. The Numb Bum is billed as the world’s longest, coldest ice race.

He leaves his wife, Carolyn; two daughters; a brother; two sisters; and, his mother.


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