Bill Sills

Bill Sills (Doublerink arenas drawing)

Wilmen R. Sills
Born: (Hastings County, Ontario)
Died: April 10, 2015 (Richmond Hill, Ontario)

Bill Sills, who made a fortune in land development, built Doublerink Arenas outside Toronto, boasting two ice surfaces.

Bill Sills (cowboy hat)After opening in 1963, Doublerink Arenas was billed as “the world’s largest hockey complex.” At its peak, the arena was home to 350 adult hockey teams with more than 6,000 players.

Sills built his two rinks in an area soon after surrounded by suburban housing developments. The complex was well known, as well, as the summer home for the Billy Harris and Dave Keon hockey school.

Bill Sills was born on a farm in Hastings County, Ontario. He attended Humberside High in Toronto, where he played baseball and hockey. He was among two teachers and 17 classmates of the high school’s class of 1939 to enlist in the war effort. He served as a wireless operator aboard Lancaster bombers assigned to the No. 6 Group Royal Canadian Air Force, based in Yorkshire, England.

After the war, he sold Dictaphones, living for a time in New Haven, Conn. On his return to Toronto, he went into real estate with his father, Herb Sills.

In 1981, Bill Sills bought the Nashville Stud farm at Kleinburg, Ont. The renamed Huntington Stud farm was home to such thoroughbreds as Aeropasser, Strategic Command, Trojan Bronze and Bold Vigil. One of his horses, Nodoublerinker, a two-year-old colt, won the $65,400 Kingarvie Stakes at Greenwood in 1984. The farm was sold in 1987 to Jack Carmichael.

Bill Sills (military)


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